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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Emilia's 4th Birthday Cake

Last year, the Cake Angels baked and decorated a Cake for Emilia's 3rd Birthday, with her favourite soft toy, a Blue Elephant as the feature of the Cake. So it was lovely to be asked this year to bake her a Cake for Emilia's 4th Birthday. 

This time the request was for the Blue Elephant to return with a special new friend to join her, a fluffy White Sheep. So what better way to decorate a Cake then to let the Blue Elephant and Fluffy White Sheep have their own 'Birthday Party' celebration on top of Emilia's Cake.

This is what Emilia's Mum had to say about the Cake ...

The Cake was beautiful and tasty, as always! Thank you. The guests were very impressed,the kids gobbled it down in no time (after there was some squabbling over who go to eat the little icing tea cups and cake). Hetal was quite touched she featured and Tommy happily hoovered the fallen-down pieces off the floor (and into his mouth). Emilia, most importantly, was very happy and ate the icing elephant, just like last year. I'm not sure last year's elephant had a bow in her hair; E liked that little touch. You really are wonderfully talented.

I don't think there will be any more birthdays before we leave NZ, but if we change our minds, we will certainly let you know! 

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