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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Macaroons ... Macarons

Macaroons or Macarons - however you choose to spell the name, there is one thing for sure, these marvellous little morsels are a taste of heaven.  Everyone is talking about them, so at Cake Angels, we decided to put on our aprons and start Macarooning.

We took our first trial run of Macarons straight out to our Cake Angels taste testers.  The results were unanimous - they melted in the mouth, tasted even better than they looked (is that possible??) and were better than any shop bought ones that our self-proclaimed Macaron addicts had ever tasted.

So understandably we were delighted with the results of our first Macaron attempt and thought we'd share our experience (and, of course, our yummy pictures) with you.

We don't think they need any further introduction, the pictures below paint a thousand words ...

Straight out of the oven ...

Pure Pink Lickability

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